Site Freaks Out Over Miley Cyrus Going “Braless” at Disneyland

– “HollywoodLife” never misses the chance to inflame a non-existent controversy, so it’s not a huge surprise the webloid is now trying to turn Miley Cyrus’ Friday visit to Disneyland into something scandalous. The blog demands to know, “Did Miley Cyrus Go Braless At Disneyland?”

“Why does Miley Cyrus keep doing things like this? It’s like she’s begging for attention!” shrieks HollywoodLife.

Wait a minute.

What exactly is so controversial about her outfit (PHOTOS HERE)?

It looks to us like she went to an amusement park and hung out with friends, which is exactly how other outlets reported it.

The site has a long history of sensationalized stories about Cyrus, whether it’s spreading rumors that she’s anorexic or putting her into phony feuds with Taylor Swift.

In this case, she went to Disneyland to have fun and be a teenager, and did so in a fashion that in no way “begged for attention” — except HollywoodLife’s.



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