More info on Selena Gomez’s new movie “The Getaway”

New information about the new movie,The Getaway; Selena Gomez will start shooting on Sunday in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria! One of the most respected newspapers in the city has posted new information about the shooting and the history of the film. More info on the movie below + some fan pictures with Selena today.

Selena Gomez starts filming her new movie today (May 6). One of the most famous young stars arrived to Sofia on Monday.She will be staring in the filming of the new movie of Hollywood, called The Getaway.

Along with Selena landed the actor Ethan Hawke. He will play the lead role in the production, he came alone and is already preparing for his work on set.

Even with all the action scenes taking place in Sofia, just a part of the film will be made here. Other images are going to be filmed in Atlanta, where Jon Voight will shoot his scenes. Angelina Jolie’s father is the villain in the movie, but fans here will not see him because all of his scenes will be filmed in the U.S..

Selena Gomez is known for her Disney series, “Wizards of Waverly Place” . The Getaway will be very different from anything she has ever done before. She will play the daughter of an American banker who was sent to work in Sofia. The team will be shooting in the city center, New Boyana, and other streets of Sofia, and most scenes will be overnight. Part of the team have been here since last year to film some action scenes, which did not require the actors.
The actors are staying in a one of the city hotels, last night, a dinner with Ethan Hawke film’s director, Courtney Solomon, some fans recognized him and asked for autographs. The actors are staying in Sofia for 3 weeks.

Also Bulgarian fans
@selenitastanokay, so Selena is at the Grand Hotel in Sofia. Dear Bulgarian fans, GO there!! lol

“It’s so funny to see Selenas pics all over the fridge and know she was here #selenagomez”

“I love you. And miss you. More than ever. Come home SOON baby cousin.”



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