One Direction Beat The Wanted In Billboard Battle

The rivalry between Brit boybands One Direction and The Wanted may soon be reignited. Despite The Wanted star Max George recently suggesting 1D were “just faces”across the pond, The X Factor runners-up have proved a bigger chart success.

Not only did One Direction’s debut album make history by going straight to the No 1 spot in the Billboard 200 countdown, but seven weeks after its release, Up All Night has outsold The Wanted’s self-titled debut.

According to the Metro, 1D’s LP sold 49,000 copies this week and currently holds the No 4 spot, while The Wanted’s album debuted at No 7, selling 33,000 copies in its first week.

The Wanted lads recently dismissed claims of boyband rivalry, insisting it was “all good” with One Direction.

The Glad You Came singers did, however, risk getting into trouble with Britney Spears byclaiming they were not allowed to look at her at a gig last year.

Britney’s people have since hit back at The Wanted, calling their claims “false allegations.”



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