Miley Cyrus’ new movie “LOL”: In Theaters Now!

Nashville, Houston, Cleveland, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Salt Lake City & Sacramento— today’s the day!!  LOL, French director Lisa Azuelo’s indie teen comedy is now playing in select US theaters! Miley Cyrus stars as Lola, living in Chicago and exploring the challenges teenagers and their parents face today in love, family, and friendships in our increasingly digitally-connected world.

“Everything about this movie touched my heart,” Miley was quoted as saying in an interview, “I knew it was the perfect thing for me.” LOL is Cyrus’ first non-Disney film, and co-stars other big names like Demi Moore and Ashley Greene, along with a bunch of fresh faces like Douglas Booth, Ashley Hinshaw, and Lina Esco.

Filmed independently in Detroit, Chicago, and Paris in summer 2010, Lionsgate quickly snatched up the distribution rights to release LOL. However, due to financial issues and several executive shake-ups within the company, the indie flick was shelved for almost two years. The movie was finally given its domestic release date from Lionsgate earlier this spring, but fans were met with the disappointing news of a very limited release, sparking a fan campaign to help bring the movie to more theaters and (hopefully) get a wider release.

What are some things you can do to bring LOL to your area? Contact your local theaters– let them know about the movie and request they carry it; display LOL-related banners, icons, backgrounds on your facebooks, tumblrs, and twitters; and most of all— keep spreading the word! Share the trailer everywhere, and most of all: encourage the people you know in those 7 cities listed above to see the movie so Lionsgate sees the demand!

Check out some new pictures of the cast, an exclusive pic of director Lisa Azuelos posing with Miley’s movie BFFs Lina Esco and Ashley Hinshaw, and a full list of theaters the movie’s showing at behind the cut!

Cast Pics




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