Justin Bieber Desperately Wants to Grow a Beard

Justin Bieber is obviously obsessed with Selena Gomez. He hires her look-alike for his Boyfriend video; he rents entire stadiums and theaters for their date; and he reportedly still obsesses over his lack of facial hair. Does he want to grow a beard or mustache to please Selena?

In an MTV Q&A interview after the May 3 début of his Boyfriend music video, the pop wunderkind jokingly asked his future 25-year-old self to send him some real facial hair to fill in the gaps on his “peach-fuzz” covered face.

“I would probably ask my 25-year-old self for facial hair,” laughed Justin. “I’m not getting any facial hair anytime soon.”

Although Justin can and has grown mustaches—sort of—he’s never been quite able to pull off the full beard thing. Or even the scruffy beard thing. Or even, to be absolutely truthful, the five o’clock shadow thing. Ouch. To someone so obsessed with swag, that has to be embarrassing.

“I want to [look scruffy, like] I’m just in the streets workin’,” he explained, adding, “There are like a couple hairs. It’s coming soon.”

Of course, the question is why is Justin Bieber so obsessed with the idea of being bearded? According to Hollywood Life, “his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, loves his face hair-free, which should make his wait for manhood a little more bearable.” Yes, it should, but does it really? While no one is suggesting that Selena doesn’t love the Biebs, it has been rumored that JB has, for a long time, wanted to grow a mustache or beard to appear more manly for Selena. Reportedly, she once remarked that if she stopped shaving her legs they’d be hairier than his face. Ouch. So is Justin’s continuing obsession with sprouting facial hair all about pleasing La Gomez?



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