Harry Styles warned to stay single and cut down on partying

For the millions of One Direction fans out there dreaming of landing a date with Harry Styles, it ain’t going to happen ladies. No really, it isn’t. According to reports, Harry, who has been linked to just about every woman on the planet, has been told to stay single and cut down on his party boy lifestyle.

An ‘insider’ from 1D’s team is reported in Star magazine as saying: “Harry has been told to cut back on the partying.”

With social networking sites going into meltdown with abusive comments aimed at any girl who is linked to one of the One Direction heartthrobs, bosses are keen to keep the lads’ relationships out of the public eye.

The source added: “Harry feels bad about it. He hates that fact that any girl he is linked to gets such foul abuse.

“But his bosses say that he should simply stay single for the time being to stop it happening. He can’t win!”

That’s bad news then forTaylor Swift, Rihanna, Lily Halpern, the random blonde girl he took for a spin in his new car this week, etc

32-year-old Caroline Flack received a barrage of criticism on Twitter when she was dating Harry last year.

The Xtra Factor presenter told Now magazine: “I knew they were just a minority of One Direction fans and all very young – it’s a kind of fanatical obsession.

“I can’t take it seriously or I’d never come out of my house.”

Harry’s mum, Anne Cox, has also suffered online abuse, with one internet troll Tweeting: “I hope you’ll die because you are a bitch.”

They added: “Harry’s mum has big boobs and a big bottom she looks like a b*tch.”

Anne simply replied: “I hope you find inner peace someday.”classy queen anne

Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer has also been the victim of hurtful comments on Facebook and Twitter, as has Niall Horan’s ex, Holly Scally.

Louis Tomlinson expressed his anger after cruel online ‘fans’ targeted his girlfriend, model Eleanor Calder.


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