Niall Wants To Dye His Hair Black – But Simon Cowell Says No!

– One Direction’s Niall Horan, had a telling off from bosses over news that he wanted to dye his lovely blonde locks jet-black. The Irish crooner was strictly told by Simon that he didn’t think it was good idea, and could cost the group fans.

I’m not too sure whether any hair-dying malarkey would lose fans – possibly the contrary for that matter – but Simon Cowell is known to care hugely about the band and doesn’t want anything to halt their staggering growth.

Speaking with The Sun, a source said:

“Simon still controls a lot about the band down to the finest detail. Niall was desperate to get rid of his blond locks and go black just for an experiment, like loads of normal teens.”

“Luckily, he had the sense to ask Simon first because he knows how he works. He put in a text to him asking if he could change his hair colour. Simon was straight back on to him with a short reply, ‘No way’.”

Do you think that’s a bit mean of Simon not to let Niall dye his hair?

What about a bit of ginger then?


4 responses to “Niall Wants To Dye His Hair Black – But Simon Cowell Says No!

  1. thts mean, if he wants to change his hair, he should, real fans wouldn’t leave the fan base, or as we call it ‘ Directioners’ (Like I am) They would stick by him no matter what, and

  2. I think Niall should hero it the way he is…. he’s the one that sticks out to me cus he has Boone hair and he’s the only one. So plzz Niall I’m a big fan of u, so plzz do not change it??! 😀 don’t get me wrong you’ll be hot either way but I love your blonde hair better.

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