Miley Cyrus: Experts Fear She Has An Eating Disorder After Strange Tweets

– Miley’s dropped 20 pounds and now experts worry that her food obsessive tweets reveal she may have eating issues. Here’s why!

Celebrities often use their Twitter accounts to share what’s on their mind, but lately, super-skinny Miley Cyrus has been busy tweeting about food. In one of her many food-centric tweets, the 19-year-old actress wrote, “I’ve got the sound of the rain & “we don’t eat” lulling me to sleep. My mind is wandering. So peaceful. #heavenonearth.” And in another, “Take a glorious bite out of the whole world.”

While there’s no denying that Miley’s body looks rockin’ these days, experts worry that Miley’s obsession with food could signify a deeper, underlying issue.

“It’s unsettling that Miley is constantly thinking about food!” Alicia Hunter, weight expert and author of The Accidental Diet: From Fugly to Fox, tells “It sounds like her intake and calories are ruling her consciousness day and night. This behavior and thought process is a classic red flag for signs of an eating disorder, body dysmorphia or an obsession with food and exercise.”

Lynn Grefe, President and CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, agrees. She says, “Part of an eating disorder is obsessive–compulsive disorder. If Miley is obsessively focusing on food, there’s reason for concern.”

Alicia estimates that the 5’5″ star has gone from 135 to 115 lbs. in the last year. Besides a preoccupation with food and weight loss, Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, chief contributor to, says that past or present issues with self-mutilation are tell-tale signs that an individual is suffering from an eating disorder. Earlier this month, Miley was photographed with lacerations on her left wrist that could have been caused by cutting.

Let’s hope Miley hasn’t reverted back to her self-destructive ways!

What do YOU think about Miley’s food-related tweets?



3 responses to “Miley Cyrus: Experts Fear She Has An Eating Disorder After Strange Tweets

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