Niall Horan is currently suffering from food poisoning?!

If there’s one thing we know that One Direction’s Niall Horan loves, it’s his food. But apparently food has struck back and poor old Niall has been struck down by possible food poisoning.

With the One Direction lads on their way back to the UK after a stint in Australia and New Zealand, it sounds like Niall might be in for a bit of a bumpy ride as he’s not been feeling his best. To be honest, we probably feel worse for whichever lad ended up sitting next to him on the plane though, hope they had some sick bags on them (we bet Captain Sensible, sometimes also known as Liam Payne, did).

Taking to Twitter, Niall shared his pain with the world in some tweets that we feel are best enjoyed if you imagine them in an Irish accent.

“Not feeling the best! Sore all over! Under the weather as they say,” Niall said, before continuing, “that was a long day, feeling a tad bit better, need a good nights sleep.” [sic]

The luck of the Irish wasn’t on his side though and the next morning he tweeted the prognosis, saying: “Food poisoning not good!”

Well, that’s what you get for mixing Vegemite with all those jelly beans Niall.

He did have a novel idea of what would make him feel better though and it involves an Alexandra Burke shaped nurse.

Sending Alex a cheeky tweet from his sick bed, Niall said: “Since im gona be sooo tired n jetlagged when im home..ur gona havta help me out hahahaha. i joke xxx.”

Well if she’s not up the job, we’d happily feed you chicken soup and mop that weary brow any day Niall.

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