Harry’s mom, Anne Cox confirms that Harry Styles is still single

There has been a lot of confusion since Harry Styles was spotted snogging Emma Ostilly. Is it a bird, is it a fling? Is it a full on relationship? Err, no. Not according to Harry’s mum, the lovely Anne Cox, anyway.
Being off in tour, it’s not surprising that there have been a lot of rumours about Harry spending time with different girls, but the two that stand out the most in our memories would have to be Sarah-Louise Colivet and of course, model Emma Ostilly. There’s no need to worry about Harry being off the market just yet though as even if he has had a few snogs here and there, his mum Anne says he is still very much single.
“He’ll make a nice boyfriend when he’s ready,” Anne told Heat.
“He’s very sensitive and isn’t a Jack the Lad. At the moment he doesn’t want to tie himself down.”
It might have been a while ago but bearing in mind Harry rode around in her womb for 9 months, we’re guessing she would know these things.
“He’s also a very romantic guy,” Anne added. Oh we can imagine. And do imagine. On an extremely regular basis.

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