Harry Styles is tired of being compared to Susan Boyle

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is allegedly unhappy that people are comparing him to Britain’s Got Talent legend, Susan Boyle. According to the Daily Star, the 18-year old is growing tired of the comparisons between himself and the Scottish singer, after Styles admitted his friends tease him for having similar hair to SuBo.

The newspaper claims that Harry initially found the Boyle jokes funny, with a source stating: “It started off as a laugh but Harry is beginning to get annoyed as more and more people are saying it.

“Now his fans on Twitter have been mocking him over his Susan Boyle-style bouffant hair. Like most lads his age he can take a joke, but everyone’s been taking it too far.”

It is thought the comparisons started after Harry’s 1D doll hit the shelves, with bandmate Louis Tomlinson saying at the time: “We were really happy with the dolls, except Harry looks like Susan Boyle.”

The insider continued: “Harry has been getting stick ever since. The situation took a turn for the worse just before they flew out to Los Angeles for the US dates.

“Someone jokingly started shouting `Susan, Susan’ at him from across the street. The rest of the band thought it was hilarious and they were all bent double with laughter. But Harry is pretty fed up with the whole situation.”

Harry also hit the headlines this week after the teenager revealed to our Australian team that he is still single, despite reports suggesting he was dating US singer, Lily Halpern.


9 responses to “Harry Styles is tired of being compared to Susan Boyle

      • Yupp I wish people would like not compare him I her he don’t loo like her and his hair is different than hers. He has wonderful hair and I feel bad for him cuz he don’t deserve for people to me mean to him! What did he ever do to anyone. Like seriously these people haff to act mature. If he doesn’t like being compared to her then he shouldn’t have to be compared to her.

  1. how can people seriously say that it is supwr rude!!! i think that every person that says that should be ashamed of themselves!!! Harry is my fave person out of 1D so how dare u say that about harry, and harry if u read this i feel sorry for you sorry that u r goin through that i truely am.

  2. wooooooooow. thats retarded. HAROLD EDWARD STYLES IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON THAT HAS EVER WALKED THIS PLANET. you cant even think about comparing him to that lame lady with the wig. i mean, how can you even say that without being shot to death? i love one direction more than anything in this world. i’ve been their fan ever since i saw simon put them together on the x factor in 2010 and you cant compare the most beautiful person in the world, to the ugly lady in the wig. and thats all im trying to say.

    • oh and i forgot to say… i love all of one direction.. but harry, you certainly are my favorite ❤ and you'll probably never read this because you have better things to do than look at 14 year old girls's comments so im just gonna say that i seriously love you ❤

  3. you can never compare harry to susan. his hair are totally different. and he looks like…oh my god like an angel. he is gorgeous. and susan is just an ugly old woman.

  4. Okay, I get that you guys don’t like that he’s compared to Susan Boyle, but please don’t make fun of her -.-. Don’t judge a book by its cover, girls.

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