Zayn Malik doesn’t think One Direction will last

– Zayn Malik of One Direction joined band mate Liam Payne to talk with the media while on tour and the bad boy of 1D admitted that he doesn’t know if the band has “longevity”. Shocker! One Direction is currently the most successful band in the world, with millions of fans globally and long list of sold out shows. In a day and age where it takes a lot to sell out an arena, that’s a pretty major feat.

However, Zayn does have a point. As the boys get older, will they still have a massive fan base of screaming teenage girls or will they be a thing of the past?

“There’s no guarantee that we’re going to have longevity, there’s nothing certain about what we’re doing,” Zayn Malik said. “We don’t really understand it but we’re just enjoying it and enjoying the roller coaster.”

It’s great that they guys are enjoying the ride while it lasts and realize that they may not be the biggest thing to hit the charts forever. However, hopefully, they can create some sort of longevity and become iconic as the years go on.


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