One Direction Hit Number Two On The Billboard Social 50!

Justin Bieber is currently top of the pops on the Billboard Social 50 chart, but Britpop sensations One Direction are closing fast – hitting the second spot, their highest position to date. 1D have climbed the chart rapidly in the last few weeks, rising from 6th to 4th and now into 2nd.

Rihanna, Adele and LMFAO make up the rest of the top five spots.

The social 50 chart is based on the most popular artists & groups from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, VEVO and others, calculated from a special formula that only clever boffins know ;)

Social media has played a huge part in catapulting 1D into the hearts and minds of teenagers worldwide, and as it stands they have nearly 5 million likes on Facebook, with each member having nearly 3 million followers on Twitter.

Harry Styles has the most followers, with Niall Horan not far behind.

Since they launched their debut single in the UK and Europe back in September last year to a great reception, they already had a fan-base in countries where the single had not even been released yet.

Keep it up lads!

Catch an interview with boys on 90.9 Sea FM – with Galey, Baggs & Charli below, from last week in Australia – along with an exclusive live set:



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