Selena Gomez on Live with Ryan Seacrest (videos)

She talks about: the Justin/Kiss cam, her new movie Springbreakers. that Jame’s character is drawn to HER character because her character isn’t drawn to him. She said she would PROBABLY be gone for a month/month and a half for Getaway.She also said that most of the movie takes place in the car with her and Ethan’s characters. And they get “thrown around” a bit.  “Selenas sitting on her stool watchin the traffic, what are you thinking?”
Sel: “I’m hungry”
She has recorded most of her Spanish record.
Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift wrote their song after their Punk’d episode! The song is very acoustic and pretty according to Selena.And she says that if it isn’t on the album she thinks they’ll release it at some point.
She’s an official ambassador to the Ryan foundation now.And she’s helping launch a project for the foundation in Dallas next fall!



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