Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s Duet Sounds “Beautiful”

Wondering what the highly anticipated Justin Bieber track featuring Taylor Swift might sound like?Well, Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, has heard it and she gives it two thumbs up. “It’s beautiful,” she told E! News about the collaboration for Bieber’s June release, Believe. “I don’t know if it’s going to make it on the record, but it is beautiful.”

Whether or not it makes the cut,Swift is only one of many artists — including Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine and Bieber’s pals Kanye West and Drake — who have hit the studio with the Biebs. As for working together, neither Selena nor Justin have mentioned a duet for his album.

“You know, the whole album is just so different, there’s so many different people collaborating,” he recently explained about the album. “It’s crazy. I mean I even wrote a song with Taylor Swift, so the whole album ranges differently. With my music, it doesn’t only stay in a box. It’s so out there.Everything is so different and that’s why I’m so happy with this album.” Bieber will drop Believe on June 19. Before then, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his “Boyfriend” music video, for which he has released several teases over the last few weeks.

“The concept of this video, I mean, it’s not like a steady concept,” he explained to MTV News about the Colin Tilley-directed clip. “It’s not like ‘Justin follows this girl to this spot.’ No, it’s a bunch of amazing scenes: Like a fire scene, we have an ice scene. “It’s kind of like bouncing back and forth,” he said. “And then there’s scenes of me and just a bunch of girl dancers, andjust some great shots, great artistic shots, great shots of me smiling. It’s fun.”



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