Eleanor Calder is with Louis cause she loves him, not cause he’s famous

 Eleanor Calder took to twitter recently to proclaim her love for Louis Tomlinson, after a One Direction fan questioned her motives for dating the star. The fan tweeted: “@EleanorJCalder DO YOU LOVE LOUIS? OR DO YOU JUST WANT FAME? PLEASE ANSWER BABE WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!” Wow that’s a lot of capital letters

The tweet must have caught the attention of Eleanor though – she replied: “@1d_for_EVAH Of course I love him.. I love Louis as a person, not as a member of a band.”
Eleanor – who is also a part-time model – has been dating Louis for six-months, and the pair appear blissfully happy…despite having a little tiff about tea-bags over twitter recently. Yes, really! Louis tweeted that Eleanor was a ‘loser’, after she tagged his mum in a post revealing he had lost a box of teabags. Eleanor then ribbed Louis for sending ‘almost 4,000’ tweets.

Luckily, the pair made-up quickly, with Louis tweeting ‘@eleanorjcalder Just a joke, miss you x,’ and Eleanor responding ‘@Louis_Tomlinson Haha just a quick joke! Miss you too xx.’

Phew, that’s OK then!

We know one person who will be pleased to hear Eleanor confess her love for Louis – his mum! Johannah Tomlinson told Sugarscape in an exclusive interview recently just how much she approves of her son’s girlfriend.

“She’s an absolute poppet, we love her – the whole family love her”, she told us.

“She’s really unassuming, a really nice girl. She’s great for Louis because they’re both quite dippy when they’re together!”

Awwww, how sweet! Well, it seems they’ll be together for a while yet, what with the L-word being bandied around and everything.


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