Miley Cyrus’ new movie “LOL” only releasing in seven cities

What was supposed to be a breakout role for Miley Cyrus in her post Disney career is going to fall short of launching her into major movie stardom. The movie has been hyped by the fans but Lionsgate lost interest in the project it seems and has bumped the film down from a nationwide release to just a limited release in seven cities.

Lionsgate is obligated contractually to release the film to theaters or otherwise this film would have went direct to DVD as we had suspected it might since it took them so long to do anything with it.  This also means no major publicity backing for the movie from Lionsgate at all. The director, Lisa Azuelos, is not at all happy concerning this saying, “They couldn’t take care of my movie, and I waited in line,” Azuelos fumed. “I wish it would be a national release. And I’m still hopeful that in those seven cities it’s going to be big and grow and grow.”

Are you guys disappointed that Miles’ movie has been treated this way? We wonder what Miley is thinking about all this.



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