The story behind Harry Styles’ current love life

I brought you the news last week that Harry Styles had recently been enjoying the company of American singer Lily Halpern, but since then our flirty Hazza has been linked with a host of different lay-dees. However, speaking with Heat magazine, Lily has claimed that her and Harry have struck up a romantic relationship, saying that they “tease each other”, and have been exchanging text messages since the band left for Australia.

Miss Halpern said: “He’s a really, really great guy. We’ve hung out in New York a few times – where I live and where he was staying. We watched movies and chilled out – one night we watched Flubber. Harry’s funny, and he’s an honest guy. He doesn’t take things too seriously and we can tease each other.”

Above: Lily Halpern

Speaking on how she feels about Harry flirting with other girls, she said: “I don’t know much about [the other girls]. I don’t know what he’s doing all the time when I’m not hanging out with him.”

This latest news comes on the back of a different source claiming that Irish photographer Sarah-Louis Colivet is still in the picture too, claiming: “They’re planning on meeting up again when 1D’s touring commitments ease up. She doesn’t want the attention that she’s been getting. She’s a very private person. There’s no question of them being boyfriend and girlfriend or anything like that yet but they get on well and want to see more of one another.”

Above: Sarah-Louise Colivet

So who’s it to be? Lily or Sarah? Check out the photos of them both above and let us know which one you think would be most suited to Hazza.


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