One Direction World Store To Open In New Zealand

New Zealand Directioners, rejoice in the news that a brand new store called One Direction World will be opening in Wellingtong this Friday April 20th at 9am. The store is located in Reading Centre at Courtney Place. The band are due to perform three sell-out concerts in NZ starting this Saturday in Auckland, and its well known that they have a huge fan-base down under.

The world’s first store opened in Sydney three weeks ago and although the shop is only temporary, the success of it has prompted the opening of another. Fingers crossed the Aussie store will get a permanent home – it certainly looks very likely.

Merchandise will include t-shirts, posters, wristbands and loads more great accessories.

The 100th customer to make a purchase will win a double pass to the Wellington concert this Sunday – if thats not an excuse to get down to the store then we don’t know what is!

If however you can’t make your way to the shop, you can purchase all the merchandise online at our exclusive One Direction Shop – shipping worldwide!



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