“One Direction” Avoid A Fight With “The Wanted”

The Wanted were first to chart highest in the Billboard Hot 100, but One Direction hit back with a debut number one in the Billboard 200. The Wanted got their song “Glad You Came” covered first on Glee, but One Direction will soon see their smash-hit single “What Makes You Beautiful” featured on the show too.

It seems that anything TW can do, 1D go one better, but thats the way we like it!

The Brit-boyband-battle is intriguing to say the least, and the resurgence of the boyband has come at a time when audiences are crying out for a bunch of new heartthrobs – and now we have two!

According to TMZ, both bands had a chance encounter last week in the US, whilst TW were rehearsing for their American Idol performance and 1D were doing the same for their SNL appearance.

Apparently, 1D left early to avoid meeting their older rivals, fearing that any encounter could turn messy.

Max George however ran into the studio and gave Liam a great big hug – proving that a friendship is possible between the two groups. Kiss and make up now then?

Watch the “behind-the-scenes” video for WMYB below:

See the Glee performance of “Glad You Came” from last month:



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