The fans suggest new One Direction name after lawsuit made headlines

It could be weeks, or months, before we find out what will happen with the $1 million lawsuit? against red-hot British boy band One Direction over their name. An unsigned American group who claims to have had the same name for several years has filed the suit seeking an injunction, so on Wednesday we set up the hashtag #New1DName and asked you to offer your suggestions for a new 1D moniker.

In a statement obtained by MTV News, Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment responded to the suit, indicating that 1D fans have nothing to worry about. “There is a dispute with a local group in California about the ownership of the One Direction name in the US.,” read the statement. “One Direction’s management tried to resolve the situation amicably when the matter first came to light, but the Californian group has now filed a lawsuit claiming they own the name. One Direction’s lawyers now have no choice but to defend the lawsuit and the band’s right to use their name.”

And while plenty of you took the same stance as 1D’s reps and said the band shouldn’t and wouldn’t budge, way more of you came up with some creative, silly and sometimes unprintable suggestions.

Many of you played the numbers game: 5 Directions (@rachy__g), 5BoysStillBelieving and 5 Boys With a Dream (@AudrieLeung143), 1Dream (@My1Defulboys), The Perfect 5 (@1DSmile4ever), 5 UK White Boys (@DrunkHaymitchPN), 1Derful (@My1Defulboys), 5 Heart-Throbs (@1DSmile4ever) and 1Dful 5 (@idancewith2phit).

Others went the (slightly) naughty, or cheeky route: Wander Action (pronounced quickly as “wonderaction”) (@clairebear0011), One Erection (@ThreeDirectionz), Let’s Make Simon Cowell Even Richer (@jj_watching), The Panty Parade (@DrunkHaymitchPN), Niall and the Leprecauns and Harry and the Pussy Cats (@MarisaDelynne), Genericteenboyband123 (@tdreeves), The Curly Girlies (@AshleighKathy) and 4 Brits and an Irish (@krystenwaddell). (And those are just the ones we could print!)

There were plenty more variations on the original name: The Right Direction (@LatifaML), One Dimension (@KayleeMcNally), Direction 2.0 and UK Direction (@ThreeDirectionz), Forever Direction (@AudrieLeung143), Our Direction (@UniquelyJonas), The Sexy Direction (@ColiCristina_), UK One Direction (@Lisah961), On Direction (@AliceFxxx), One Detection (@its_nazzie), Fun Direction (@catocity), The Only Directions (@contAJAous), One End (@AliceFxxx), Route 1D (@jboogy259) and a slew of anagramatical head-scratchers from @fr0stypanda that included: Coin Oriented, Recited Onion, Cootie Dinner, Rice Noontide, Eco Rendition and Ironic Denote.

And some of you just went for the cute, or the confusing: The Dark Side of Nothing and It’s Complicated (@kenziecrooks53), Cutest Boyiz Eva (@amaff8), Perfection (@1d_caryl1029), Zappers (@VasZAPpening), Larry and the Jets (@MNneeds1D), The Raveeners (@LuvBieberand1D), GPS Boys (@DrunkHaymitchPN), The Young Wild and Free and Paul and the Gummy Bears (@ThreeDirectionz) and Paul’s Piglets (@AshleighKathy).



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