Expert says that Miley Cyrus shouldn’t lose more weight

Weight loss expert Alicia Hunter told Hollywood Life that if Miley loses any more weight she’ll be way too skinny: ‘Miley should continue with her current fitness and healthy eating routine, but she definitely shouldn’t lose another pound or she could end up looking way too fragile and downright boney.

Miley looks very toned and sleek, just check out those trim abs! But I’d caution her about consuming any less calories than she presently is. Her collar bone is starting to look way too defined and her arms are becoming very thin.’

Alicia estimated that the 5’5″ star has gone from 135 pounds to 115 pounds in the last year alone: ‘Miley looks like she’s lost a slew of inches around her waist and her face is much more defined. It doesn’t look like she could even pinch a half-inch of fat anywhere on her body.’


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