One Direction’s Niall Horan caught smoking

– A very shocking photo of Niall Horan was released yesterday. The paparazzi were there outside their hotel and well, they got a few shots of the boys in their hotel room. This one shot was very interesting thought.. One of Niall Horan smoking.  To be honest It’s no big deal. Zayn Malik smokes also, but he’s trying to quit. Alot of people smoke when they are under pressure because it helps them to calm down. There has been a lot going on with One Direction now, so this might be the cause of Niall Horan smoking. It also might just be a ‘one-time-thing’ so I hope that people don’t freak out over just one photo.

There have been some different opinions over this photo, I picked out some random comments:

“so…it’s Niall smoking…it’s normal, calm yo tits ugh there is no such thing as perfection. Do not blame him for being the most adorable person on this planet and doing something most people do. So chill, he’s human”

“ugh I lost respect for him now”

“I don’t care about this… I still love you Niall!”

“I hope he quits soon! I don’t want him to smoke. It will damage his voice and health. Please stop xoxo” 


Here are also some other photo’s but he’s not smoking in them:

UPDATE:  Fake Danielle Peazer confirms that Niall smoking picture is not real


53 responses to “One Direction’s Niall Horan caught smoking

  1. No. He was not smoking. I sent in an email to their Fan Mail Inbox and I asked, “Why is there a picture of Niall smoking?” they then got my email a couple weeks later and replied, “Niall was not smoking, he was specifically holding a pen and was biting it.” It says it all in that sentence. Don’t start making rumors. Now .. Niall has seen that picture and I hear he was crying. Don’t ruin a celebrities life like that .. Surf into the detail before you post all of this stuff without any evidence!


    • Exactley! No one knows what’s really going on so before you freak out and try to ruin someone’s life based on a false rumor or pic dig deeper. Oh and there’s a new thing called photoshop too.

  2. I wouldn’t care if he smoked, he is adorable still and maybe he isn’t even smoking, just relax anyways it’s his life, I love you Niall and I don’t care if u smoke and hopefully you don’t, love you

  3. OMG who would even do this its like totally pathetic some one was obvs just trying to make some money out of it. he is the most adoring person in the world he is everything you could ask for in a man, i dont believe a word that the press say most of the time its rubbish any way any way……

  4. He’s not smoking (already been said, but I shall continue)
    and even if he was, what’s the big deal? I’m sure he’d quit if he was, and besides, I’M more creeped out by the people TAKING PICTURES OF HIM IN HIS HOTEL! Really! Give him some privacy!

  5. Niall is amazing and would never smoke! He is the sweetest and most adorable person on the face of the Earth. It was just a pen, don’t over react. Love Niall!!!

  6. The people who believe this picture is real are STUPID! You can tell that it was photoshopped. IT WAS A PEN PEOPLE. Yeah… he drinks… NO BIG DEAL… he’s 18… IT’S LEGAL! But… would you really believe that NIALL HORAN would SMOKE?

  7. Niall was not smoking I don’t have any proof about it being a pen or anything but Niall does NOT smoke, but if he did if your dedicated why care?! Love you Niall don’t let this fake stuff get to you,

    Dedicated Directioner.

  8. the people who think he is smoking are……STUPID!!!! Niall would never smoke its a pen! The people who are stalking him and making rumors about him are really immature! I STILL LOVE YOU NIALL!!!!!

  9. people who commented i know that Niall would not smoke or lie but he could lie to u about the pen he might of just lied to u so he would not get u upset. oh by the i LOVE u niall

  10. He is holding a pen… and even if he was actually smoking true directioners would still love Niall and would support him to quit. As for those who do think he is smoking need to SHUT UP cause this is a bunch of crap and you are just spreading rumors around! I STILL LOVE YOU NIALL ER (AND 1D) EVEN IF YOU DID SMOKE!!!!

  11. He has a pen in his mouth if really feel for him. paparazzi leave him ALONE! Niall if u r there peez do NOT let any of this bother you all my friends were talking about it and we r here to support u U go ID!

  12. That is a freaking pen. People need to get their facts straight before they start saying crap. I don’t blame Niall for crying when he saw that picture, I would have too. Dumb reporters will do anything to reck a persons life as long as they get money at the end of the day. We all love you Niall!

    • It is a pen! They just get money out of doing stupid frickin lies. No wonder why they put it in magazines “Truth or Rumor?” Geez. I still LOVE Niall with all my heart. Nothing will make me stop. ❤ Love u N.H.

  13. FACT: This photo is 100% fake. Yes it looks real but it’s not. Google it. And Niall said himself that he CRIED when he saw this picture. Poor baby. 😦

  14. I love you. Please stop it will effect your beautiful voice which I listen to over and over again! I love you! Xxxx 

  15. OMG! That is so mean! Niall wouldn’t do that. Why would someone want to ruin his career.He is amazing! He is my all time favorite out of the band. He seems like a really sweet guy. It’s mean to do this to a person that didn’t do anything to you. I love you Niall. You wouldn’t smoke! Xoxoxo

  16. OMG! Niall would never smoke! Why would someone want to ruin his career. He seems like a really sweet guy. Someone shouldn’t hurt someone that didn’t do anything to them. The person who did that probably has no life. Poor Niall! Niall is my all time favorite out of the band. I love you Niall xoxoxoxo<3

  17. Niall wouldn’t smoke ( because, I don’t think that you can with braces on) and even if he did ( not likely) why would you make a HUGE deal out of it. Zayn smokes and nobody cares. So give the man some room and cut him stress. Please?

  18. Thats not really him smoking, he was really chewing on a pen and somebody edited it to make it look like he was smoking. NIALL HORAN DOES NOT SMOKE!!!!

  19. how do you know he smoked he diddnt dont be mean and stop being haters on them harry cried oiver that a niall cryie over the fake picture so stop and there not gay think if u were them u wount want the fans or people to do this to you so stop your fucking little shit bitch and people who are with me thank you cause they are the people who made me starting singing soo god bless one direction

  20. and if he does smoke hwat does it matter ok theres nothing wroung with that hes just being him so shut the hell up you little sluts cuz zayne smokes too ok and if u smoked you wouldnt want your frinds or family or if u were famous you wounlt want your fans to do this so stop being a bitch and be nice cause they are all i have i lot my family my moms gone i live with my sisters grandma my dad died my unlce and aunt left soo stop cause they mean everything to me

  21. Your All So Pathetic, And Im Not Being Funny, But Press, Come ON People, Your Taking Picturea Of Niall In His Private Time, Leave HIm Be Fgs, WE Don’t Want To Know What You Think, Idiots.

  22. You people should leave this poor boy alone he didn’t and if you were true and not blind you would realize its a pen and he would never do such a thing now One direction is one of the best bands in the world! Now please leave my future boyfriend ALONE!

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