Paparazzi snaps photo of Zac Efron’s penis!!! real of fake?

Zac Efron is currently in Sidney and was seen going back and forth undressing on the balcony while the paparazzi were taking photo’s of him. Little did he know that people were watching him… Anyway check for the uncensored photo below the cut!! Do you think it’s real or fake?

Due to the “nakedness” I don’t want to post it directly here (incase I get suspended), but if you click on THIS link you can see it.


13 responses to “Paparazzi snaps photo of Zac Efron’s penis!!! real of fake?

  1. to let you know the penis shot is fake the butt is REAL! YUMMY 32?cpkey=f80fd7ca-8cd0-4f30-b325-b7f7869c0ab9||||

    • omg! hes soo hoott.. omg zac fuck me i want you to cum in all my holes and have your kids. ill swallow everyload. u will love my tight holes! i would love for you to Dp me!!! ahh

    • yeah thats real the butt pic is very much real! here it is again!

  2. Woo sexy body baby I love you zac papparatizy need to give you privacy I recone it must get annoying I really want to meet you so bad I love the name of you and Vanessa it’s cute zanessa Its both of your names put together your so sexy in the lucky one babe sexy body you have I love your brother too his so cute he’s just like you!!!! :D:D:D:D love you Zac efron I want to to be with Vanessa hudgens just give her time !!! Love u baby boy !!

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