11 responses to “Harry Styles seen going into a gay club (photos under)

  1. Stop insulting Harry.He already feels bad about on what you tell him,
    don’t you think that he already suffered enough!What if he insults you,
    I don’t think you would like it.So like..Stop,if he go’s to a GAY BAR,so be it!
    If you are a real fan you wont be commenting,cuz I’m a real fan!

  2. I think he was just showing his support… 🙂 But if not, so be it! He’s still my Hazza!! 😉 ❤

  3. I can easily tell that that is photo shopped, there are many other photoshopped pictures with the same picture used for this!

  4. Yes… He GAY… But i like… I wanna eat him!!… Is so cute and im a BIG DIRECTIONER….
    If he gay…. What is you problem with him??… Be gay make him better…

  5. There’s nothing wrong with that he went to a gay bar that does not diminish the cute and manly he is …. that bad if you think this is bad … Those who are gay you believe them to be not so eligeron are your genes … that vibe that discriminate … and One Direction are some nice and are not gay but are playful and affectionate and are like brothers among those 5 guys sexy … I LOVE HARRY styes …. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION

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