Harry Styles had major trouble with his new car

Harry’s mom Anne Cox, revealed some trouble that the One Direction fitty ran into when he arrived back from America. “When he came to start his car, he’d left the lights on and the battery was completely flat.” Oh God, no Anne, no. Please don’t go on. “This Good Samaritan in a van came passed and offered to help him… jump start it. And they couldn’t do it – the chap couldn’t help him, but then he tried to charge him £200!”

200 squid for nothing? Cheeky bugger. “I thought that was so cheeky. He was trying to charge him 200 quid and he couldn’t do anything!” Yes that’s pretty much what we said, Anne. And don’t you lot go thinking that Van Driver van Cheekison was from a reputable roadside recovery firm, he was just a regular civilian.

Thankfully our Hazza isn’t still stranded at some airport, living off travel sweets and cleaning fluid. “Harry nearly resorted to phoning one of those roadside assistance companies but then a friend came and helped him.”

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