Is Niall Horan falling for Miranda Cosgrove?

One Direction recently flew to LA to guest star on a popular childrens show called iCarly. They are said to be playing themselves, but the episode was going to mainly revolve around Holmes Chapel boy, Harry Styles. Of course, rumours cropped up concerning a possible kiss between Harry and the 18 year old star of iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove.
However, whilst everyone was focused on those two, it appears that nobody was paying attention to the love blooming between said actress and Niall Horan. It seems that after being on set together, they have a few inside jokes which have been tweeted back and forth.

Surprisingly, this didn’t immediately set of any rumours, but a day later something changed. Whilst talking about Valentines day, the Irish lad revealed that Miranda would be his ideal date for the famous holiday of love. The question is, does Miranda feel the same way?

Well, there was talk a few days ago that Cosgrove didn’t approve of Niall’s outgoing personality and said that he ‘laughed too much’. Whether she actually said this or not, remains to be seen.

I expect all Directioners agree with me when i say ‘Best of luck to you Niall, but you’re more suited to Liam.’


8 responses to “Is Niall Horan falling for Miranda Cosgrove?

  1. I think that Miranda Cosgrove should give Niall a chance I mean really has she even seen him cause hes hot sweet an amazing singer just saying.
    Btws I am a girl

    ~Keigan Woods~

  2. Miranda Cosgrove is HOT! but i think them two would make such a GOOD couple!!!
    Miranda Cosgrove + Niall Horan = Love

  3. Nah i think that they don’t match together
    (i want to date you miranda if you see this mail me back!PLZ-PLZ-PLZ-PLZ-PLZ-PLZ-PLZ-PLZ-PLZ!)

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