Stewart is worried about career

KRISTEN Stewart is worried her career will be over when she finishes filming the Twilight movies.  The actress — who shot to fame playing Bella Swan in the film franchise — fears fans won’t appreciate her future projects. “If my non-Twilight movies weren’t accepted,” she said, “that is something I would hate even more than the fact that I can’t go into Starbuck’s without being recognized.”

Kristen was the asked about her rumored romance with costar Robert Pattinson. “You won’t hear a word from me about that. Hey, I am 20 years old and just outgrew my teenage years. My problem is that I can’t disguise my feelings. I am an actress just in my movies – not on the red carpet, not on parties and surely not in private.”

Kristen has previously revealed she hates giving interviews as she doesn’t see why she should have to talk about her work. “I hate the interview process,” she moaned. “I do my work, same as you, why do I have to talk about it? I just want to be an actor. “I had an interview training session and was I was, ‘F*** you. You think you’re going to put soundbites in my mouth?””



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