Miley Celebrated Birthday with ex boyfriend Liam!!

Miley Cyrus partied again for her 18th birthday last night after her post-AMA’s bash at Trousdale on Sunday night. Miley hit up Matsuda in the Valley last night with, guess who … her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth! And who was NOT in attendance? New guy Avan Jogia was MIA!

Miley and her pals had a casual dinner and left after about an hour and a half. There was NO sake at the table, according to our source inside the restaurant, just lots of sushi. “Miley was relaxed and having fun and of course there was a connection between her and Liam. They dated for so long and were so serious it’s like they can’t deny their special relationship with each other.”

Unfortunately Liam exited the restaurant out the back door while Miley distracted us in the front. Seems Miley wanted this to be a secret rendez vous …

idts, pictures or it didn’t happen. source.


7 responses to “Miley Celebrated Birthday with ex boyfriend Liam!!

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