Is Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice dating each other ?

Hot couple Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice are rumored to be dating! from what I have heard on the grapevine they are more than just close friends if u get my drift. I can’t help but notice how much chemistry there is between Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice.  While playing Marco Polo, they are both obviously happy. You can even see Avan hug Victoria around her stomach when he catches her.

They are, obviously close friends, and are often seen side by side in both photos and videos. To top things off, when Avan was asked if he had a crush… on any of his co-stars, he said “Maybe 😉 ?” source.

dating or rumor?


86 responses to “Is Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice dating each other ?

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  2. oh my goodness. avan jogia is obviously secrectly in love with victoria. they love each other. just kiss and get it over with

  3. I think they should go out and be GF/BF! Face it. They belog with each other! They should kiss and get it over with. they did it just fine in Victorious’!

  4. Victoria and Avan should go out dey look so cute together nd u guyz look lyk u have lots in common plus hes really hot nd really sweet a perfect guy

  5. Avan is totally crushing on victoria cuz they ask him if he have a crush on any of his co-stars he says maybe. It has to been victoria cuz he always with her,the only reason he atuditonfor victorious cuz victoria going to been on it,and he always with victoria on photos and videos he is secertly crushing on her about scared if the broke they won’t be friends no more.they look perfect for each other.

  6. *Sigh i heard from some sources that those two are just best friends but i wish they were like totally together. They look ADORABLE! They’re just perfect together! I would be soo HAPPY if they dated :’) ❤


  8. I love Victoria justice because she is nice pretty and tall she’s got everything.Avan and victoria should’nt go out cause elizabeth will get sad and I Know victoria dont now me but i love her and ive seen her cry and ive seen her vagina and big but sorry

    • elizabeth and avan only dated in the movie victorious they dont really go out so victoria and avan can date and they should because they would be such a cute couple !

  9. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!Sooooo jealous.Avan Jogia is hot.I think they should go out.But that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s hot.

  10. i think victoria justice and avan jogia should be a couple because they act like they like each other and they would be a cute couple !

  11. I think they should date because I can tell they like each other . He gives her the same look on every show . I no he lkes her and theres no dout in my mind she likes him to .

      • i love you show victorios my house is in farmington I you ng and bring house address is 712 tamarack street farmington nm 87401 on the southside in the pit bring all of the gang and i love to have you in my house and with you where dateing steven he also loved miranda cosgrvre in icarly he gave her a charm braclet. and i an im a fan of you show and if you can call me at 505-701-5254 or you can call me at 505-516-4091. and i lon=ve avan jogia and he is not prefect for jade he can date you victoria justice can you be my sister all of you guys and girls don’t bring robbie and rex love sheriden shantia harvey call me at 505-516-4091 and call me at505-701-5254 and call me at 505-686-3447 and call me at 505-325-5878 call me at 520-661-5504 and do you all like swimming just if you like avan just txt back and you can go to my school and check me out of school and you and all of the gang can sing karoke dokie want is your address in hollywood.hollywood arts heigh school don’t forget to call me so i love you guys and seen you my 4th and the december 31. so i call you back love sheriden shantia harvey and i like you to beat up carly shay bye do’t d=forget to call sheridenshantia harvey i love daniel

  12. ok seriously the chemistry between them is like so obvious i think its sweet if he dont wanna ask her out incase they broke up then woldnt b freinds it shows he cares that they have some sorta relationship they just need to go out cos they look like the cutest couple .

  13. they shud go out 2gether. they look lik a great couple. AVAN & VICTORIA 4EVER!!! u can c that they act more then friends. & they cant deny that. who agrees that they shud go out wit each other? 🙂

  14. in it they are so a nice couple and it would be great if they did go out because they both like each other but they are too shy to ask each other out !

  15. OMG their a cute couple but i dont want them to be together, yet. i want to see them slowly climbing up that ladder i want to see all the cute pics and stuff of them just being friends maybe when their older!

  16. Its obviously they have a secret crush for eachother its like a BFF rule that one or both of them like the other and obviously they cant hide it 😉

  17. OMG i think they should totaly go out cuz in some videos in youtube avan is kissing victoria they would be hollywoods cutest cupoles omg they should totaly go out they were ment to be!!!!!!!!! 😀

  18. If avan & victoria r daten dat wud b kool. & dave known each since 2009 & in d show dey shood b daten not him & jade dey don’t make a good cuple beck & tori do

  19. Hi guys I’m Victoria’s cousin…….She always has Avan with her. Don’t worry she told me all about the relationship they have with eachother. She said to not tell anyone….but I AM!!!! SHe wanted me to say to the internet that they weren’t dating,but I know they are because they went to the movies together, and I went with….they told me to sit in the front so I’d get a better view, but I didn’t And I went to the back to see what they were doing because I wanted popcorn. And they were KISSING!!!!! I got grossed out…… were the other co-stars….that’s all I can tell you for now….have a nice summer!!!!
    Your Friend,

    • really I’m really gullible but I don’t believe u ppl just say that to like get replys I wouldn’t say that to the Internet even if I was her cousin I’d ask her.but I don’t believe u

  20. Oh and Victoria if you’re looking at this don’t tell my mom….she’d get realy mad at me i she knew…….oh and also LOVE YOU VICTORIA!!!!!!!!



    Im gonna be in the episode right after the Locked Up one so keep watching ang right now there’s MVCU ( More Victorious Coming Up ) Keep looking at this website for more details Saturday – Sunday see you later!!!!!!:)

  21. Ur rite guyz and dont think im crazy but im gunna do a msg like im tryin 2 talk 2 Tori justics lol. Heyy xxx im a girl which has suddenly fell in love with victorious and tori (hope i can call u tht or Victoria) i know you dont want to date and is it coz u think its gunna ruin your friendship but cant u just date for like a minute coz u guys and sooo amazin 2gether and u should date coz u would be an awesome and cute couple, i no u think tht fans are goin ott coz they think u should date and u keep sayin tht ur close friends but it could happen, couldnt it??!! xx ur perfect for each avans hot ur well pretty?? Forget bout the other famous guys lol well dont but u no, avan is an amazin and funny guy u both deserve each. Btw every1 i agree tht they would be a cute couple but sometimes people just stay close friends (boys and girls) xxx

  22. i was watching 7 secerts of victoria justice yesterday on nickelodeon and she said that her best friend is avan jogia and i bet his best friend is victoria or instead of being bestest of friends, go out !!! coz u will make a great couple ! HONEST :L !

  23. Hi Guys!!! I think Avan and Victoria should be a couple!! They are soooo cute togheter!! Just look the first chapter of Victorious and look the kiss!! It’s love!! 😀 AVAN & VICTORIA!!! Best couple ever!

  24. Hi i am one of the fans of victorius and i think that victoria and avan had a little think for each other. i think they ae in love with each other for example one is that they feel some think for them in thier hart for each other oh in the show of victorious they whan to hide it from all the other guys cause they can feel that they have feelings for each other that will be true love for them well good bye my felows friends

  25. they should go out they are so prfect for each other and he should just tell her he don’t know if she says yes or no and if i was her i would say yes who would let down a little cutie lyk him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I love Victoria and Avan!!! Avan is so hot and victoria is cute to. I think Avan and Ariana Grande would also be a cute couple!!!

  27. i know i already posted a comment but im so bugged that victorious and avan might be going out like seriously they might be going out OMG the will be so awesome hahaha

  28. avan and victoria need to date cause they belong together they have chemistrey on the show and they kissed so yeah duhh perfect couple

  29. Ohh and I think that Avan is supper hot and sexy that I think I should date him but Victoria should have him

  30. i REALLY think Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice should date.they do have lots of chemistry between them.they r soooooo cute as a couple.PERIOD!!!!!!!!I would be soooo SOOO SOOO SOOO SOOO SOOO SOOO SOOO happy for them if they got together.

  31. its pretty obvious but iagree on a person who said with brake up no more friends things but now because zoey deutch even though he wants VJ because that always happens and ths is there life not a movie and best friends always are together as they gro no scratch what i said they need to KISS ALREADY THOO

  32. OMG They should totally be together. They r perfect! On this utube video Avan Jogia and the rest of the victorious gang were singing five fingaz and when Avan said one word the girls go and shout and yell out loud ” Wooh I luv u Avan!”

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