Selena Gomez’s Summer Fashion Tips

selena-gomez-latina-beauty-2Selena Gomez dished summer style tips to Tiger Beat. Sel said it’s all about skinny jeans and tanks: ‘I love cute sundresses with Converse. I also like cute headbands because sometimes your hair can get frizzy.’ Selena said it’s best to keep winter gear in the closets:  ‘Sweaters, I’m hoping people won’t wear sweaters. Black is not a good idea. I think black is more for October. Also Uggs, I don’ think they’re a good idea.’  Hit up the beach this summer!

‘I’m a beach girl. I hit up Zuma and Malibu beaches all the time.. I always use sunscreen and wear cover ups.’ Don’t wear too much makeup: ‘The first beauty product I ever tried was Maybelline mascara. Everybody has to use it once or in my case, still to this day.’


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