Rihanna Naked Pics Hit Internet

lWhat, is this Naked Celebrity Photos Week in Internet-land? Hot on the heels of the racy photos of Diddy protege Cassie that hit the Web yesterday, Rihanna has upped the ante big time. A series of highly explicit photos of the “Disturbia” singer have just been unleashed on the Internet, depicting RiRi snapping shots of herself in the naked via her room’s mirror. Though the source of the photos is unknown, in one shot the words “I Love You” and “I Miss  You” are scrawled on the mirror. Has a certain former beau of Rihanna’s turned a souvenir of their relationship into the ultimate revenge? The photos can be viewed here. credit;celebuzz. WARNING: If you dont want to see Rihanna’s naked ass then dont click for more.






2 responses to “Rihanna Naked Pics Hit Internet

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