Zac Efron In Bed With A Deer!

link1Oh, deer!! Zac Efron was surprised at his one million dollar Hollywood Hills home by a deer, which was munching on the High School Musical star’s bed linen. Zac was shocked to find the wild animal… no, not Vanessa Hudgens… in his bedroom!!

A source said: “Zac has these special accordion-style doors in his room, and as it’s so private he often leaves them open. He couldn’t believe it when he walked into the room to discover the deer. Although he was a bit frightened the deer looked completely uninterested in him and just continued chewing.”

Zac finally snapped out of the initial shock and managed to lure the poor deer out of his bedroom with lettuce. For someone who didn’t even have a bed, Zac definitely got an upgrade: Vanessa, linen and a deer… oh, dear deer!! credit; backseatcuddler.

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