Robert Pattinson Ignores Media Hype


Robert Pattinson admits he ignores the media hype surrounding him.

The British actor – who became a household name playing vampire Edward Cullen in the recent Twilight movie – says he is determined to remain level-headed, and refuses to read about himself in the press.

“I try to ignore what people say about me,” says Pattinson. “You tell yourself that everything you do is crap.

“The more people who tell you [how great you are], the bigger the need for you to prove it.

“It’s like everyone is saying how great you are even if you haven’t done anything.

“Besides, there’s always a bigger number of people who want to screw you over.”

Pattinson, 22, reprises his role as Cullen in Twilight sequel New Moon, which is due for release later this year.


3 responses to “Robert Pattinson Ignores Media Hype

  1. dude being famous must suck. if people didnt care and judge so much you wouldnt have this problem…i like you though. i wish i were famous so i could meet you …haha not to be creepy or anything

  2. ı love very much edward in this movie but at pictures he isn’t very handsome but nevertheless ı love him very much as all girls do

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