Jemma McKenzie-Brown from hsm3! Rare leaked pictures ‘Gone Wild’


Looks like another young one heading towards a downward spiral.  How sad for Jemma McKenzie-Brown.  Or sad for her parents?  How does this happen to 14 year old girls, anyhow?  Enough already.  Can’t kids be kids anymore?  Little girls turning into skanks, getting drunk.    yikes. ( + 5 pictures under! )h those wild Disney girls, Jemma McKenzie-Brown has had a batch of racy photos leak from what is identified as a MySpace page.  Jemma may the next Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens as she is the new cast member of the hit High-School Musical movie series and she is starring in a racy picture series online just like Miley and just like Vanessa.

The young girl is only fourteen years old.  McKenzie-Brown stars in High-School Musical 3: Senior Year as Tiara Gold, a “Mini-Sharpay” (the full Sharpay is played by Ashley Tisdale in the film series).  How bad are the pictures that have leaked?  She doesn’t go full frontal nude like Vanessa did, but she does her best Miley imitation as she is snapped with her girlfriends in bikinis in the hot tub.  She is also pictured in the series in a short skirt and stockings and there is a lot of bumping and grinding and groping.  It seems a bit much for a fourteen year old girl.

Is this yet another Disney girls gone wild series of leaked online candid snaps?  Will this leak boost Jemma Mc-Kenzie-Brown and her career?  At only fourteen years old, many parents might be getting a bit fed up with all the wild life and times of these teen girls.

Hhhmmm.  Yeah, ya think?  Little girls these days don’t stand a chance, the moment they find a super star to look up to, that star takes her clothes off and struts ALL her stuff for the wolrd to see….and those little girls see it too.  Sad. thx backseatcuddler!






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